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London based music Producer
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 An extremely useful and often overlooked aspect of making a great record. Whether you would simply like some unbiased, constructive criticism or help to transform a great idea into a great song, I'm here to help! 

It's also a chance to discuss any production ideas you have and get to know each other better! (Available as a stand-alone service).

Recording and Production

Using a combination of traditional and experimental recording techniques, together we can craft rich and calculated productions full of life and character.

My focus is on bringing out the very best of your music and make the listener excited to hear it over and over.


Whether you want a fresh take on your recordings or just the finishing touches. Using a combination of software plug-ins and outboard gear, I can provide mixing at a competitive, professional standard with recordings made in any studio.

Hiring any of these services will also give you access to my exclusive Facebook community. Inside the group you will be connected with industry professionals, services, discount offers and a network of like minded artists from across the country.


Portfolio & Testimonials

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Hello, I'm James. Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you like what you see and consider me for your next project. But first, a little about me...

At age 14 I took my first step into a recording studio and instantly my mind was blown. The instruments, the big speakers, the freedom and creativity: I was hooked. Since then, I have been working in studios in various different capacities, learning from the amazing people I've been fortunate to work with (Al Groves, Ross Orton, and Martin Smith as well as a plethora of awesome artists) and honing my skills all along the way. 


When making a record, my goal is to help you to create the best version of the idea in your head but with as much personality, honesty, and intention as we can. Starting from your rough demo, we can work together to experiment and consolidate until we have created something you and your fans will love. 

In a world of presets, samples, and streaming, individuality is what sets you apart from the herd. My aim is to work with your imagination and the tools of the studio to create music that could come from you and only you.

If you would like to know a bit more about me and/or my production style and methods,  you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Hope to hear from you soon about making some amazing music together!


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